Volcano Conservatory

This is a wonderful opportunity. The only one I have trained with here is Leah Cherniak. She is truly a magical teacher and is one of the most wonderful theatre artists this city has to offer. I urge you to take advantage of this sort of training. There is so little sophisticated developmental opportunities for us theatre-folk. Bravo to Volcano for forging ahead with this crucial training program.

Volcano Conservatory

The Volcano Conservatory
Volcano’s intensive theatre training program returns to Toronto this July!
July 7 – 10 & July 21 – 27

Location: Pia Bouman School for Ballet and Creative Movement, 6 Noble Street

The Volcano Conservatory is the realization of a long time goal. Providing alternative / cutting-edge education has always been part of Volcano’s vision and the company has developed a very specific training model, one that fits with the styles of work in which Volcano engages; work that combines disciplines, or is willing to explore techniques outside of naturalism.

This approach derives from a philosophy where the training is centered on the idea, rather than the instrument; centered on theatre-making rather than simply performing. As theatre artists, we need to know the stylistic options available, as well as the world we interpret. This is the philosophy behind the Volcano Conservatory: providing theatre artists the tools with which to reinvent theatre – tools gathered from various performance traditions around the world. With this training, we seek to look outward, rather than inward.

volcano.ca for more info.

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