Call for Submission – Nightswimming’s Pure Research

Call for Submissions
Nightswimming’s Pure Research – Toronto 2010
Deadline: postmarked or hand delivered by Monday May 3, 2010

Please post or forward

October 18 – 24, 2010
In association with the University of Toronto Graduate Centre for Study of Drama
There are few places in Canada where in-depth theatrical research can be explored, outside an academic course of study and without the pressure of developing or performing a new work. Nightswimming’s unique Pure Research program provides space, money and resources to artists who are pursuing provocative theatrical questions.
Now in its sixth edition, Pure Research is designed to foster theatrical experiments that are not specifically linked to the creation of new work. In the spirit of inquiry, we want you to tell us what you don’t know, and how you might be able to answer your questions through a Pure Research workshop.
What does that mean? If you have a theatrical question, and can pose it in terms of an experiment, then we’re interested. We will supply studio space for up to three days, a $1000 fee for the lead researcher and a modest budget for artists and materials.

Note: In 2011 Nightswimming will be launching Pure Research as a national program. Watch for announcements of Pure Research sessions to be held in Edmonton at the University of Alberta’s Canadian Centre for Theatre Creation, and in Vancouver at SFU Contemporary Arts. Calls for Submissions for those regions will be posted in late 2010.

All Pure Research Toronto sessions are conducted at the Drama Centre’s Glen Morris Studio Theatre and must include graduate students as participants, observers and/or documenters. Details of student involvement are determined in consultation with the Drama Centre and the researchers upon acceptance into Pure Research. All projects are documented and the results posted on Nightswimming’s website. Researchers are required to submit a full report within one month of completing their experiment. Nightswimming staff will be present to observe and offer assistance as required.

The Details:
Pure Research Submission Process
We need a concise but detailed proposal outlining:

•        your question and what you want to learn from it
•        how you intend to conduct the experiment – this is the most important section of the application
•        practical details such as time, people and equipment required
•        any relevant support material such as text or prior research

We are particularly interested in:

•        artists who view research and development as a long-term process,
rather than simply as a short-cut to production
•        integration of sound, movement, technology and text;
exploring poetic or stylized text in any form or genre
•        an artistic spirit of inquiry

What to send us:

•        a cover letter introducing yourself and defining the application: preferred dates, amount of time requested
estimated budget, specific goals
•        a project description – two page maximum
•        c.v. of principal artist and a list of collaborators, if known
•        videos: only to introduce us to physical artists
please provide a brief explanation of where and when the video was shot
•        do not send press clippings, photos, programs, press kits or folders


•        Remember that it is not a developmental workshop for a new performance piece
•        be honest about what you know, what you don’t know, what you want, and what you’d like to achieve
•        before making our final decisions we may contact those whose submissions intrigue us;
we may ask short-listed applicants for further information or a more detailed proposal
•        all applicants will be informed of results by mail in June 2010. Please provide a self-addressed,
stamped envelope if you want your material returned
•        applications from artists outside Ontario are welcomed, but the realities of our budget means
we will focus on Ontario-based submissions for this edition
•        the dates October 18 – 24 are not negotiable, although which 3 days within that week you use
will be determined in consultation with all the successful researchers

note: applications will not be accepted by email or fax

Please drop off or send applications to:

55 Mill Street, #310 Building 74,
Toronto, ON, M5A 3C4, Canada

Thank you for your interest in Pure Research. We look forward to reading your application.

Nightswimming is a dramaturgical company dedicated to exploring the boundaries of dramaturgy and performance. We commission and develop new works of theatre, dance and music. For more information, or if you have questions about applying, contact us at or 416 703 5491.

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