Les Personnes – Evan Newman

This is the first, in a series of posts introducing you to the SummerWorks Theatre Festival Staff.

I’ve asked everyone the same six questions.

The first person to be profiled is our Music Co-Ordinator, Evan Newman.

I met Evan at a NOW Christmas party. He had seen one of my plays and confessed to having been surprised at liking it. He told me that he felt like indie-rock fans would like more theatre, and wondered why/how to make that happen. When I got the position of Artistic Producer for the festival, one of the early-on things I did was grab a coffee with Evan and pitch him on getting on board to help create an opportunity for indie-music and indie-theatre to exist in the same setting. And thus, the Music Series was born. The Music Series could not have happened the way it has without Evan. Evan is the founder of the Baudelaire Label, and now works and manages with Outside Music, representing artists like Matt Barber, The Diableros and Sunparlour Players–all of whom are playing in the SummerWorks Music Series.

1. Who are you?

Evan Alexander Newman

2. Why are you doing here?

I was hoping you could answer that

3. What do you hope for the festival.

a massive love in between theatre and concert goers that results in a harmonious existence but not necessarily more musicals

4. What are you most interested in.

How Michael got those curls

5. What are you worried about?

that there might be more musicals as a result of the convergence of live music and theatre

6. Any final words?

The hills are alive…..

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