9 thoughts on “Emotional

  1. Pippa is the only one who gets the real essence of show business. It costs, ja? Thank you for your offer, Pippa. I will come and see your show if it features the same bravery and generosity.

  2. Agreed. This video is the best so far, for what it’s worth. In true Toronto spirit, I submit these three star ratings …

    “Interpretation”: **

    “Expression”: * 1/2

    “Emotional”: ***

  3. I just noticed that my compliment was not posted. No big deal, but I’m wondering if nice comments don’t count on this board? I’m curious, is all.

  4. “You get word before the show has started that your favorite uncle died at dawn
    Top of that, your pa and ma have parted, you’re broken-hearted, but you go on”

    This is song is Theatre of Cruelty. discuss.

    I agree with Damien, and I thank Andrew for giving his gift of the ass-slap.

    This is gonna be a gooooooooooood festival dudes.

  5. Kush, thank you for creating this emotional piece. I cried a great many tears. And I feel I now have the deepest depthests insight into the themes of your show.

    And Pippa, you kill me. In the bestest way.

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