Hello again friends.

We are settling in comfortably at 1087 Queen West. We love our new space, and as a result, love you. We’re not sure why or how that happened, but it did … and if we’ve learned anything at SummerWorks it’s that when you’re in love, just roll with it.

It’s everyone’s favourite time of the year — that time when you know winter’s coming, and perhaps a few months of misery and despair. Christmas is creeping up, and if you thought your bank account was trim now, just wait until January 2nd. We here at SummerWorks have the perfect antidote to your upcoming winter woes:


Applications for the LOCAL SERIES are now online at http://www.summerworks.ca/2010/applications-local.php

Okay, on to some stuff.

This year’s Festival will take place from August 4-14th.

It’s no secret that often work from SummerWorks continues to see life beyond the festival. While this is a great delight for us, I assure that this is not our intention in our programming. We’re looking for work that is, first and foremost, relevant. The fact that the work moves beyond the festival is a testament to the continued relevance of the Festival and its participants.

Our audiences continue to grow, as does the quality of the work.

At SummerWorks, we’re looking for work that asks questions of both its audiences and also the art itself. We are interested in work that is bold in its questioning of the world we live in ; work that chooses to consciously delve into complexity — both in its questioning of our world and its theatrical imagination.

We believe that the notion of “theatre” can encapsulate all forms of performance, and thus we welcome and implore work from artists in all performance-based genres.


Please note that this year we are asking people to include an online APPLICATION FORM as well as the one included in your application package.

And with this, we invite you to apply for this year’s SummerWorks Theatre Festival, and look very much forward to reading your applications.

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