I Love This Band, and You Should Too : Hooded Fang

(Musical Gushings By Lauren Schreiber, SummerWorks Music Series Programmer)

Part 2: Chocolate Cake and Sunshine with Hooded Fang

First thing’s first… stream the album so you have some CONTEXT here —> http://hoodedfang.bandcamp.com/album/tosta-mista


Let me just say, Hooded Fang are fast.

By the time you finish falling in love with them, they’ll have done a 180 and give you something completely different to fall just as hard for. They were faster than me… back in 2008 I blinked and almost missed them.

I consider myself to have an ear to the ground, so when suddenly everyone I trust with musical recommendations started buzzing about this rogue band of ruffians named after a Mordercai Richler kids book, my ears pricked up. How had I not heard of them before?  I took a listen to their self-titled EP and booked them, sight unseen… not something I do every day. And then, the first time I saw them live, I completely blown away… how had I not seen them first?! I put aside my jealousy at not being the one to make this fantastic discovery, and began my love affair with the fearless and fast-paced boys and girls of Hooded Fang.

HOODED FANG – Sleep Song from Mitch Fillion (southernsouls.ca) on Vimeo.

HF move fast. They write short, straight-forward pop gems and record them and release them quickly. The music is lo-fi, but surprisingly lush (they ARE a seven piece, after all), naive and playful, urgent and easy going all at once. They are always trying new things, and as such have developed like they are going through musical puberty. Zoom! They are also choc full of ‘baby’s ‘ooh’s and ‘la’s, and I LOVE Hooded Fang.

HOODED FANG – Mutant Bear from Mitch Fillion (southernsouls.ca) on Vimeo.

Hooded fang are your go-to musical chocolate cake… made with the most basic of musical ingredients, flour (basic guitar chords) eggs (chugging bass lines) butter (drums) and sugar (horns n’ harmonies), and it’s lead vocalist Daniel Lee’s pure and deep tenor that plays the part of deep, fudgey chocolate, and lyrics that leave you with a serious sugar high.

When I was given a copy of their now Polaris-prize nominated debut full-length as a wedding gift this time last year, I spent the early fall driving the highway in a red convertible with the top down to go apple picking on a sunny Sunday afternoons ( I kid you not) and wishing it had come out earlier in the summer so I would have had more sunshine time with this perfect summer album; it instantly became one of my top albums of the year… Now, somehow, HF have trumped themselves in terms of aural sunshine, their new 23-minute album, Tosta Mista (out this week!) comes a good monthnabit earlier than last year’s release, and calls for spiked lemonade, a new pair of shades, pounding pavements at festivals, hitting the beach and making the most of our short Canadian summer. So fittingly they’re opening our shindig.

I’m not saying explicitly we should all go pool hopping after their set, but I’m not saying we shouldn’t. I’ll bring the lemonade.

See Hooded Fang play SummerWorks Friday August 5th at the Lower Ossington Theater.

Also, tell your friends you’re going on the social networking site ‘FaceBook’.


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